When and Where is The Bay Area Night Market?

The 2nd Annual Bay Area Night Market  is on

Friday July 7 and Saturday July 8

at the Newpark Mall 2086 Newpark Mall, Newark.

Lot in front of Burlington

What time is The Bay Area Night Market?

Event hours are 4-11 PM each day.

Entry Gates close at 10 PM each day.

Why do Entry Gates close at 10 PM each day?

The event is permitted by the City of Newark until 11 PM each night.

To avoid overcrowding within the last hour that can cause the event to run past 11 PM, we will be accepting attendees until 10 PM.

Will tickets be sold at the door?

Yes, a VERY LIMITED number of tickets will be available at the Box Office.

Box Office will be open from 4-8:30 PM each night.

The Box Office may close earlier due to capacity limits and/or tickets are sold out.

Why does the Box Office close at 8:30 PM or earlier?

To avoid over crowding, we will be closing the box office at 8:30 PM.

The Box Office may close earlier due to capacity limits and/or tickets are sold out.

Is the Event Inside or Outside? 

The event is outside at the Newpark Mall lot in front Burlington.

Do I Need to Print My Ticket?

Nope! Save a tree! Entry lines will be designated by the purchaser's last name. Please tell attendant full name and email (where your tickets were sent). Once confirmed you will be allowed in.

What should I expect at check-in?

All attendees will go through security check before entering the designated event site.
It is to the discretion of the security team to determine what is acceptable. Everyone's safety is our priority!
After security check, attendees will go to designated line to check- in. Check in is by the purchaser's last name. 
Depending on how many people arrive at one time, there maybe a line to get in. We will do our best to get you in as soon as possible.

Why do some vendors run out of food?

We know all of our vendors are great, but some are more popular than others and get wiped out early. Each vendor has their own magical formula of how much food they can make. We can not guarantee menu availability at any time. So make sure to come early to get your faves!

Why do vendors have long lines?

We know long lines and hunger = HANGRY!
There are different reasons why vendors may have long lines. But we kindly ask you to be patient with our vendors. They will serve you as soon as possible.

Can I go out of the event area and come back in?
Yes. Please make sure your stamp is visible to re enter.

What are the event and facility rules?

No outside food and drink
Baby food  is allowed.
No alcohol is allowed
No smoking, e-cigarettes and chewing tobacco allowed on facility
Only service animals are allowed at facility

Where can I park?

The event is at the Newpark Mall lot in front of Burlington.

Attendees can park in any mall parking space. Please observe all mall rules.

The Bay Area Night Market is not responsible for any tickets, fines, damages and theft to vehicles.

Can I bring my dog or pet?

Yes but we strongly encourage to leave your pets at home. The event can get crowded and can excite or cause anxiousness of you pet. It is at the discretion of the event organizers and security team if a pet is not suitable in the event area.

What should I bring:
If you will be attending before sunset we strongly encourage to wear sunscreen and wear a hat.
Bring a bag to carry all the unique merchandise.

Don't forget your wallet!

Do I bring Cash or Card?
Some vendors are cash only. It is best to bring some cash along with your credit cards

Ticket sales on the day of the events are card only.
There will be no ATM on site. ATM machines can be found inside the Newpark Mall by the food court. ATMS will be on site. Service fees for ATMS is $3.50

​Know Before You Go!